Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our back fence faces a street in our neighborhood (no neighbors directly behind us). Last weekend, hoodlums (or one hoodlum) decided to tag ours and our seven neighbors' fences to make a statement in graffiti. The only thing we can't figure out, is why.


Also last week I went to check our bank account and noticed 4 pending charges for about $80 from some location in China. I quickly called the bank to cancel our card. Only one of the charges actually went through (working on fighting that). A few days later we got a package in the mail from China. You'll never believe what it was...

What the heck! Who used our card to buy a $20 dollar Pokemon card (declared value of the card on the shipping package) and then ship it from China in about 4 days (for a $60 shipping cost). This perhaps is a bigger mystery than the time I randomly started getting a Backpacker magazine subscription for free.

Also, Grandma and Grandpa are here this week to visit some babies!


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