Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Garden

This was our first year really trying to grow a garden. So far it has gone pretty well. We planted tomatoes (cherry, cluster, and "normal" ones), onions (green and yellow), peppers (bell and jalapeno), watermelon, red potatoes, pumpkins, squash, cucumber, and carrots; all from seed.

I can quickly declare that the peppers, cucumbers, and squash were a bust. The jury is still out on the onions. They just aren't growing as big as they should. I've also learned that tomato plants need to be spaced more than I spaced them.
Watermelons are also coming in nicely. We have successfully grown two! The one below is the second, we are just waiting for it to reach peak ripeness! Delicious.
Our red potatoes were also fantastic! I will be growing a lot more of those next year.

Our pumpkins are just starting to grow; I have a feeling it is too late to get any substantial size out of them, but I think I have some better tips on getting them going better next year.
The tomatoes were the biggest success. We have more tomatoes than we can handle.


Jessica said...

That is Awesome! We too have great success with Tomatoes and they are so yummy. That Watermelon looks divine:)

gwen said...

Wow, 3 babies and time for a garden, too! I love those raised gardens and wish someone would make me one! Beautiful!