Landon - Birth
Landon made his grand appearance only a minute after his sister and 30 seconds after his brother. Although his is the "youngest" at 5 pounds 10 ounces he was our biggest baby. Since he was the shortest and the heaviest he quickly won the nickname Chunka Monk from mommy.
Landon Birth

Landon - 3 Months
Landon is one of the happiest babies on earth. Landon is growing and developing very quickly. He will roll over any day now. Along with being an extremely happy baby come and extremely infectious smile. Oh Chucka Monk, we love you!


Lord Landon the Cuddly, Duke of the Giggles - 6 Months
This baby has grown! And grown! And Grown! Silly Landon is still the biggest and the weight distance between him and his siblings is widening. Over the past few months he has grown to be a super ticklely and giggly baby. We love his infectious laugh. Landon's favorite toy are the keys.


Landon - 9 Months
Landon is such loving baby. He does not know what personal space is yet. He loves to sticks his fingers in other people's mouths and noses, but his specialty is a Wet Willy. Who can get upset a happy baby giving wet willies? He is also cruising around everywhere he goes. A couple times we've caught him balancing for a few seconds on his own.IMG_0780