Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Six Months Old

Let's just pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that we all made it six months with triplets.

For me the pregnancy was a big time of worry about what could go wrong. Our second doctors appointment (after we had found out they were triplets) was at the Perinatal Center. A "substitute" doctor was there (our doctor was out of the office that day). He just went down the list of all the risks of a high order multiples birth. His suggestion at the end was to think about terminating one to help the others have a better chance of survival. Of course, we would never do such a thing and I thought of a scripture that Andrea referred to in a talk a few weeks earlier; "I know that he [God] loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." With all the risks of the pregancy, we were willing to trust in the Lord, even if we had a disabled/developmentally challenged child; even if they were born prematurely and had problems because of that; even if we lost one or all of the babies. We were blessed to be pregnant with triplets, we didn't (and don't) know why; but we know we have God's love and support. Whatever happened would be in God's hands and we would be blessed no matter what.
Making it to six months has not been an easy go. But in the last few weeks it has gotten easier... no more middle of the night feedings, no more hour long feedings sessions every 3 hours, no more slow flow bottle nipples (hello fast flow!).
It is also getting more difficult... no more putting three babies in one place and finding them in the exact same spot they were placed in, babies are now eating rice cereal (or refusing to eat rice cereal), the babies will find and chew on anything left on the ground. The babies are getting bigger, it is amazing to see how much they have grown since their 4 - 5 pound birth weight. They are, however, still small for their age. For the most part they still fit into their 3 month clothes, but they can also where 6 month clothes.
Overall the process of raising triplets has been extremely rewarding. Let's face it, our kids are beautiful.  We are at the point where we are surrounded with triple the baby tickles and giggles. It is also great to see them progressing. All three are on the point of crawling. Emery has the army crawl down and can chase down any toy she wants (including toys her brothers are playing with). She knows to get her legs under her, but hasn't worked out the arm part yet. Landon will typically roll to anywhere he needs to get. He can also work out the army crawl if need be. Aiden is dangerous. He will be crawling any day now. He will get his legs and arms under him and then rock back and forth as if to taunt Mom and Dad. So let the great baby proofing begin!

I compiled some clips to show what our kids have been up to. Enjoy! Also I updated the kid's pages above.


Erin Glover said...

i LOVED the video!

The Grimmett's said...

Your kids are SO cute! Glad you all survived the first 6 months! Only 1 more year til nursery! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! Makes me love you all and miss you all more than 5 minutes ago! You 2 are the luckiest and most blessed crazy kids I know! Love you all very much!!!
Love Auntie Becky

Season and Isabella said...

I just love you and I become more in awe of you every day. Happy 6 months!

Tamie said...

what a cute video!!!! the kids are just so adorable...you made it! (at least six months, right?)