Aiden - Birth
Aiden is our "middle" child. Not quite sure how much a middle child you are when you are born 30 seconds after your sister and 30 seconds before your brother. He was our smallest at birth, 4 pounds 5 ounces. Even though he was the smallest he amazed everyone with his progress in the NICU and was the first to come home after a week and a half.

Aiden Birth

Aiden - 3 Months
Aiden still continues to amaze us. He had definitely grown into quite the little character; you can tell he is going to have a great sense of humor. Aiden is our little snuggle bear. He spreads his arms wide when he snuggles up to you. We love Aiden so much!

Laughing Aiden 

Sir Knight Aiden the Giggly, Defender and Protector of Stuffed Animals - 6 Months
Aiden is such a happy baby. He loves laughing so much, he will start laughing even if someone looking at him is laughing. He loves to wrestle with Dad and makes a perfect Superman flying through the air. Aiden loves to play with stuffed animals, but his favorite is Blue Bear.


Aiden - 9 Months
Aiden is a little adventurer. Whether it is crawling, stairs, or cruising Aiden loves trying everything and lets his brother and sister catch up to him. He loves to play with is brother in the hall. They love to laugh and playfully head-but each other. Aiden is also extremely observant and smart. He knows when Mom or Dad go down the hall a door will be opened that he tries to get through.