Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Cold, Wet Wipe to the Bum

Our kids are not good eaters. Which if there were one baby wouldn't be a big problem. We have three. We were extremely blessed to have three healthy babies born. They had no health issues. However, they spent almost two weeks in the NICU because they did not have the stamina to take a full feeding. Once they got that down we got to take them home.

This past week feels like we have revert back to them taking forever to eat. Should it take an hour to eat 5.5 ounces of milk/formula? I laugh sometimes and think that feeding triplets should be kind of challenge on a reality TV show. (Here are triplets, three 5.5 ounce bottles, you have an hour, good luck.)

Aiden - Our wild child. When hungry enough he can down a bottle in no time. I laugh when we get the bottle nipple close to his mouth because he will shake his head around trying to get the bottle into his mouth. He will also tire very easily and fall asleep. His latest thing is screaming after he gets burped, which according to the pediatrician is some reflux. The screaming was very frustrating, because it took a while to calm down before he would eat. We did get some medicine that has helped significantly.

Emery - Slowest eater on the planet. She appears to be more of a social eater. She likes to know what is going on around her and her head will move all over the place to see what else is going on. So feeding her at church is always an adventure. She takes a few sucks, pauses, looks around, takes a few more sucks, pauses, looks around... So extremely frustrating. Worst of all she just won't eat sometimes, unless she is held in the most ridiculous position. Oddly, the position is also a favorite for Aiden to due to his reflux issues.

Hand under one thigh; other leg hanging free; belly to belly; head thrown as far back as possible; I don't know why, but it works.


Landon - Best eater of the bunch. In the NICU, Landon was easily the worst eater. We used to call him Lazy Landon. Now he can down the whole bottle in 10 minutes if left on his own. He can also throw everything up in 1 second. Landon has to be burped often to prevent him losing his lunch. Depending on the day will burp easily or take forever to burp. Lately it is the later. If he does not burp, he does not continue to eat, unless you want to wear it.

The biggest problem is the kids falling asleep while eating. It would be funny for someone to watch a feeding and all we have to do to keep them awake. These kids are far beyond being helped by tickles or back scratches. Blowing raspberries with our lips seems to wake them up for seconds get a few sucks in and then it is back to sleep. The best tactic is a wet wipe on a bare bum. Changing diapers works wonders to get them back on track to finishing their bottle.

I posted a video below on how a single person feeds triplets at the same time. Yes we prop the bottles. Don't judge unless you too have triplets. The second part of the video shows some amazing bottle straws that Andrea's mom found. They work pretty well, but right now the kids are pretty good at pushing out the nipples with their tongues so not terribly effective for the time being.


Erin Glover said...

I love the guys are amazing and andrea must be the most patient mother ever

Phredfamily said...

oh so sweet! I miss them. keep up the good work!

Tamie said...

those bottle straws are AWESOME!!!!! i would say that for you guys: a definite MUST!!!!
it is for sure a frustrating thing getting babies to eat....and three at that!!!!
for thatcher, the only way i can get him to finish his bottle (and he holds his so there really ins't a comparission yet) is to put him in his bed. That is where he drinks his bottles. If i give it to him on the floor, where everyone else is -- he gets distracted and won't finish it....
good luck you guys!

gwen said...

Wow, I can't even imagine! I would be a basket case--3 babies, bad eaters, no sleep! But, they look happy, healthy, cared for and loved! those are the important things!

Jason.and.Carla said...

You guys are too awesome! Also your babies are adorable. I stalk your blog and I love reading about your cute cute family!