Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poor Blind Baby

Many months ago when the babies were first born Andrea told me that she was concerned that Landon was blind. At the time the concern appeared a little justified, he didn't focus on anything and didn't seem to see as the other two (this is likely the downside of having triplets, we probably compare their progress too much). Fast forward a few months, as far as we can tell Landon can see just fine. We do like to make it a little joke between us and we often refer to our poor blind baby.

Last night Andrea expressed her concern over Emery's being deaf. We argued back and forth a little about her being deaf. I then called Emery's name. Emery, who was turned away from me at the moment, turned her head and looked right at me. It was hilarious! Thanks baby girl! Not only can she hear, I think she recognizes her name.

And now for a silly picture. B-b-b-b-b-benny and the Jets! (Sorry for the fuzzy pic, it came from a video)

crazy babies


Tamie said...

LOL!!!! you made me laugh! (good job tyler!)
that is funny...and apparently; you have too much time one your hands! :)

gwen said...

What a scare! But, if you keep putting those funky glasses on them, they might all end up blind! Just kidding. They look healthy and strong, and adorable!

Erin Glover said...

hahaha AWESOME!