Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life With Triplets

  • 3 Babies

  • 21 bottles a day

  • 94.5 oz of milk

  • 42 oz breast milk

  • 52.5 oz formula

  • 30 min avg feeding and diaper change time per baby (they are improving)

  • 7 feedings a day

  • 8 binkis (4 green, 2 blue, 2 pink)

  • Binkis on hand - always one short

  • 5 current rooms in house with a binki

  • 27 diapers (minimum)

  • 21 wet

  • 6 poopy

  • 2 strollers (triple wide, the hummer; triple long, the limo)

  • 4 car seats

  • 2 diaper bags

  • 1 new van

  • 8 stairs up from living room to nursery

  • 13 stairs up from the family room to the nursery

  • trips up and down for binki replacement... no more binkis...

  • 3 cribs

  • 3 pack and plays

  • 3 bouncy seats

  • 1 swing

  • 3 high chairs

  • 2 exer-saucers

  • 1 amazing wife


Phredfamily said...

so sweet, Tyler!

The Book Nook said...

i am so impressed! you guys are awesome!

Mrs. Mandy said...

Love this. Kudos to you! Seriously so much work. You didn't mention how many hours of sleep you function on...I bet not many. Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome. When I come to visit Rhett's family this summer in Colorado Springs I want to come see your circus show! I'm not even sure where you live, but if you're close enough to visit Garden of the Gods...you've got to be close enough to Rhett's home for me to stop by to say hello to your adorable little family!

Season and Isabella said...

I love this post. You both are totally amazing! I super agree with the last one! Thanks again for yesterday. Isabella can't stop talking about those cute babies! Well me either if you must know! :) Hope to see you again soon.

gwen said...

I'm sure your are in this together--she couldn't do it without you, and you couldn't do it without her! So glad you love each other enough to do this together!