Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh the places you'll go...

So this month has been a month of experimenting with the babies...mostly to see if we CAN actually take them places and maintain our sanity. So far, so good! We have "successfully" made runs to the mall, Costco, Garden of the Gods, out for walks, and most recently, Cafe Rio. Now, I put successfully in quotations because yes, we made it to our destinations and back home unscathed...however, did we get anything accomplished on our trips? Not so much... To illustrate what I mean, here's a recap of each of our ventures:

The mall: this was my very first outing with the babies. To get the kids loaded into their car seats, put into the cars, rigging up the stroller, taking babies out of car seats and into the stroller took about 30 joke...Upon entering the mall a very pregnant lady approached me and exclaimed "OH MY GOSH!! I'm freaking out with one, and you have THREE!!!" Then later as I passed her with the babies she very loudly said to the person she was talking to "Look there she is...look at all of them!!!" Umm...I'm not a circus freak lady, sheesh!!

Costco: This time I was with Tyler. We loaded two babies in one cart and one baby in a second cart and away we went. Some of the comments? "Geez, how many kids do you HAVE??" "We just thought you were going cart crazy until I saw all of the babies!!" "You guys have babies in bulk and you buy in bulk" (good one...) In the check out line the lady helping the cashier started peeking into their car seats and touching the babies without asking!!! Umm...excuse me...I don't know who you are lady!!!

Garden of the Gods: Outside with the wind...trying to feed three babies...with cold milk...and LOTS of people staring...Enough said.

Cafe Rio: The second we walked in the door we heard a wave of whispers spread across the restaurant and then it seemed as though they all gasped in unison as we tried to make our way to a table. OF COURSE the only open table big enough for us was in the FAR back. So Tyler and I made our way through the crowds, three car seats in tow with lots of staring along the way.

Out for walks: We now have 2 triplet strollers which we affectionately refer to as the hummer stroller and the limo stroller. The hummer seats the babies across, so it resembles something like roller coaster seating. The limo puts them in single file. On our first venture out with the limo, a lady nearly crashed her car she was staring so hard- not even exaggerating!!

Church: Happens to be the easiest place to take them :) This week was the first that we attempted to stay all three hours. We did so successfully (by skipping Sunday School for a mid-church feeding). The Relief Society sisters were extremely helpful with the triplets, and we were able to track all of them down after church :) On a side note don't they look amazing for church! Landon and Aiden are sporting the latest in fashion with their iron on ties. And Emery is too beautiful to miss.

So what is the moral of the story here?? We are a walking circus everywhere we go, but the babies are good troopers for putting up with it!


gwen said...

Good for you! I can only imagine what a hard job it would be to take 3 babies ANYWHERE! On the other hand, you can't stay home all the time just because you have 3 babies! I don't think the attenton will die down-we had a lady in our ward who had triplets--all boys. They always got lots of attention and made the church news when they all 3 went on their missions! Keep us posted!

Phredfamily said...

I'm so proud of you all! Sorry about the comments. People think they are being helpful but they usually don't say the right thing. You're wonderful and amazing and Super-Mom (and Dad).

The Grimmett's said...

This post was hilarious and the babes are so cute1

Erin Glover said...

you guys are awesome!

Tamie said...

you guys are A-MAZING! no joke!!!! i think that you should be flatterd at (some) of the attention you get. (though i'm sure that it gets old fast)....if i was the one looking, i would be amazed at your stamina and the blessing of three (but then again, i know your story ---- so the miracle of it just outweighs everything else!)