Sunday, November 13, 2011

The week from you-know-where...

Sigh...what a WEEK!!! Actually, it's been more like 3 weeks, but this one in particular was a doozy. For three weeks now the babies have been fighting off a seriously nasty cold, and this past week they ALL entered the phase of throwing up and major diaper blow outs. Now let me put this disclaimer out there: I'm not posting this looking for sympathy or to throw a pity party; I know we are not the only people to have a bundle of kiddos crawling around. But can someone please explain to me how SO MUCH goo and grossness can come out of such little noses, mouths, and bums?!?!? I mean it was like a never ending supply of gnarly!!

It all started off deceivingly slow, with the attack only centered on one baby, to which I thought "I can handle this." However by Wednesday I changed ELEVEN diaper blowouts between the hours of 9am and 1pm, and had given around 15 baths in 2 days. And don't even get me started on the number of loads of laundry...I shudder to think what our water bill will be this month... Thank goodness Tyler has a job that allows him to work from home, because I definitely needed help that day!

Friday we experienced a group throw up session. We THOUGHT the babies were on the mend so we cut up some bananas and gave them each a chunk. Within seconds, LITERALLY, of swallowing their chunk of banana they ALL threw up...twice...It was like a scene from a movie where one person throws up, causing a chain reaction of everyone else throwing up. It was so sad!

But even though we had constant chaos this week, I learned a lot. First, I discovered that humor is the best way to get through a challenge. Did I want to huddle in a corner and cry sometimes? Absolutely. But instead I decided to laugh my way through. Second, I re-discovered how wonderful my husband is. Truly he is the most patient person I know. He never once got upset at the kids or me and was there for me 100% when I needed him. And third, with the Lord's help you can get through anything. I have learned more this year than any other time that the Lord truly gives you the strength, courage, motivation, and endurance to handle your current situations, however big, or in my case, however gross, they may be. :)

So here's to a new and hopefully healthier week!! :)


gwen said...

Sounds like a terrible week!! Your committment to humor and faith is good, but I still feel a little sorry for anyone who has to go through that kind of week even with one baby!! You will look back at these days, shake your head a little and laugh! (I hope!)
Good and patient men are woth their weight in GOLD!

Tim and Ashley said...

Just be grateful you aren't on a road trip to Utah right now. I hope they are better by then.