Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just call me the nap time crafter...

Nap time and bed time...I don't think anyone fully explained the AWESOMENESS of these two times of day!! The house is quiet...I can do whatever I want, or do nothing at all...I can actually think straight!!! Now to be honest, nap time usually consists of me running around trying to cram as many chores as I can in to a 1 or 2 hour time frame, and once 8 o'clock hits I'm in my pj's faster than you can say pajamas...but every once in awhile I get to sneak a crafting project in. Crafting, for me, is an outlet, a relaxation, a refuge in the midst of my chaotic life. I love it. So I just thought I'd post a few things that I have done in the last month or so.

*Disclaimer: I am by NO means a to all of my super talented photography friends, please don't shudder at my improper use of lighting, color, composition or whatever else I did wrong in the pictures! :)



This frame was a labor of love...ripped book pages, twisted on the end of a pen and then hot glued in place. A bit time consuming, but fun!




These BOO blocks ended up being a bit more "Batmanish" than I had intended, but oh well!

I loved making these mummies! SO EASY! Wood blocks painted white, wrapped in strips of cheese cloth and then hot glued some googly eyes on! And the banner literally took me 15 minutes to throw together. Amazing what you can do with scrapbook paper scraps and some wire!

Put 'em all together, and this is what I ended up with! Actually the flowers got replaced with a Halloween candy bouquet...I just forgot to take a picture of it...

Happy nap time everyone! :)


gwen said...

You are a superwoman--finding time for crafts! So cute--good for you!

Tim and Ashley said...

I love the happy halloween one! How did you do it?

Britt and Jer said...

So cute!!!

Tamie said...

so cute! I really like the "flying" bat adorable! you're awesome! :)