Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's been awhile...

We looked at our blog tonight, and thought "how sad, we still have a Halloween background, and haven't posted since July." So here's an update on the Young's:
1. Moved into a new spacious, 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, perfect for housing visitors (hint, hint!)

2. Went to Utah for Tyler's sister's wedding in August. While in Utah stopped by BYU for Andrea's graduation (finally!).

3. Caught up on some much needed Cafe Rio fixes! Yum, yum!

4. Andrea got a new job working for a before and after school program.

5. Andrea's parents were the first visitors in our new apartment, and stayed a whole week the accommodations were so nice! :)

6. Tyler survived layoff #3 at work.

7. Tyler survived a 16 hour, 14,000 ft. climb up Long's Peak Mountain.

8. Tyler survived layoff #4 at work...and thinks climbing the mountain was easier

9. Spent Thanksgiving with Tyler's family...Andrea got sick for three days...good times...

10. Andrea embarrassed herself dancing with a bunch of ladies from the ward to an ABBA medley...Tyler laughed...

11. Kicked off the Holiday season by attending a rockin' Manheim Steamroller concert. Nothin' better than synthesizer Christmas music!

12. Trekked out into the woods and cut down our very own Christmas tree! Booya!

13. Flew to Oregon to spend Christmas and New Year's with Andrea's family. What happens on New Year's Eve in Bandon, you ask??? NOTHING!!! We were in bed by 11...

14. While in Oregon we tapped into our creative side and made a serving tray for Tyler's brother Zach, who does a lot of entertaining. Also had dinner with him.

15. Received a new calling to be stake youth dance coordinators.

And now for the visual update:

Tyler in all of his tree cutting glory...

It's not Christmas until the Manheim Steamroller CD is busted out! Great concert!

"You are a dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen..." Did I look like a fool? Absolutely! Did I have a blast with my friends? You betcha! We made our husbands proud!

Just doing our part to help clean up after Ashley and Tim's wedding reception

I did it! I actually freakin' did it!!!!!

Our super cute nephew Miles during our Christmas visit. The question of the week was "what's that?" He asked that about EVERYTHING, and NOTHING at all!! But we love him so! :)

The Christmas nerds all nestled comfortably on the couch

Our awesome Christmas tree that never died, even after we neglected to water it for an entire month

Puffy cheeked Tyler atop Long's Peak Mountain


Tim and Ashley said...

I am so happy you finally updated this! You should do it more often. Looks like you guys have been having fun.

Nate and Katie said...

Fun update!!! Congratulations on graduating, I'm really so excited for you! I'll be honest, I could go for a good singing concert in the bathroom mirror, like our days at carriage house! I've told Nate a few times, that he would think you were fun... too bad you guys live so far away.

Tamie said...

now WHY am i only just finding out about your blog?!?!?! (not sure actually) but if you're like me when it comes to posting (and it sure seems like it) there won't be any excuse for me to comment when you do post :)

Season and Isabella said...

Fun update....Gotta tell ya I'm super happy about number 15- Ha! You guys are wonderful; so glad to get to know a little more through your blog!