Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome the Fall!

Fall has come to Colorado, and you know what the means. Changing leaves, corn mazes, haunted houses, and Halloween, oh and somebody's birthday is coming up too, I think...

The weather here has been beautiful! Cool evenings and although the days haven't cooled off all the way, the weather is great. So this past weekend we went with another young couple in our ward to a corn maze out at the Denver Botanical Gardens in Chatfield. The corn had grown about 12 feet high, so it was challenging to figure out which way to go, but somehow we made it out of the maze in 50 minutes rather than the suggested hour to an hour and a half. We still can't figure out how we got through so fast, but it was still fun.

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Erin said...

Fun! We went to a corn maze this weekend also, but didn't have that much success...we ended finding our way out, getting a map and going back it...things went much smoother after that.