Sunday, September 7, 2008

Garden of the Gods

This past weekend we went down to Colorado Springs to visit Andrea's former roommate Rachelle and her husband Dan. The drive is beautiful. Colorado is amazing. When we got there Rachelle and Dan showed us around a little. They took us to the Garden of the Gods. The park has gorgeous red rocks. There were a lot of rock climbers scaling the area and lots of families looking at the sights.

While we were on that side of Colorado Springs, we checked out the little town of Manitou Springs at the base of Pikes Peak. The town has over two dozen mineral springs. Each spring is rumored to cure a different illness or increase health in one way or another. We got brave and tried the gastro-intestinal water...yikes! It was real fizzy and tasted like severely watered down soda...with dirt. Needless to say we didn't go for seconds!

Rachelle and Dan also gave us some parenting experience. Their daughter Emily was born about a month ago, so we got first hand training on how to change diapers, keep a kid from screaming, and what to do when those fists start making their way to the mouth- a sure sign of hunger!

We enjoyed ourselves in Colorado Springs and look forward to more adventures there.

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