Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 3 Littles Turn the BIG 1!!!!

I was warned. People said it would happen, but I just didn't believe them. I mean could a WHOLE year really go by quickly?? I didn't think so, but boy was I WRONG! The first year of parenthood was an absolute blur. Each of the babies have come so far...Tyler and I have come so far. I can honestly say this has been THE most challenging year of my life, but it has also been the most rewarding.

To think back on this year is kind of bitter sweet. They have gone from being in the NICU, looking like tiny little peanuts and barely able to finish a 1 ounce bottle, to strong, healthy, little goof ball 1 year olds!

There were times when I wanted to give up. There were times I lost my patience. There were times I needed to cry. There were times I felt discouraged. I was only able to make it through because the Lord gave me the capacity to endure each day, whatever came, and because I have the most wonderful partner in all of this...Tyler. He was born to be a daddy, and I could not be more thankful to have him as the father of my children. His patience is endless, his love is unconditional, and his service is given freely.

So in honor of our 3 little loves, here's some stats on each of them to bring you all up to date. :)

Nickname: Sweet baby girl
Weight: 18 pounds
Favorite Toy/Activity: For their birthday, the kids got a stuffed rocking horse. Emery does NOT like animal toys that move or make sounds...she crawls in the opposite direction crying. Well, this rockin' rider does both- moves and sings a song. It took Tyler an HOUR to even get her to go near the thing, and another 20 minutes to get her to sit on it. FINALLY she started to ride the horse, and now loves it! She even does a little shoulder shimmy dance every time the song comes on. :)

Nickname: Bubbs
Weight: 18 pounds
Favorite toy/Activity: Aiden LOVES this little blanket that has a stuffed monkey attached to it! He carries it everywhere and even eats with it...SO cute!!

Nickname: handsome BubbaLou
Weight: 21 pounds
Favorite toy/activity: Landon loves Legos...he loves chewing on them, slobbering all over them...everything! Tyler will build him some sort of structure and then for like 20 minutes Landon will pull off each Lego until it's completely destroyed. I gotta say, I'm a fan keeps him occupied and out of trouble! :)

Here are some pictures from their "Survivor" themed 1st birthday party:

pics for blog

I made onesies for each of the kids that said Survivor #1, Survivor #2, Survivor #3

pics for blog1

I made Tyler and I both shirts that said, "I survived..." on the front, and "our triplets' first year", on the back. Each kid had their own little cake, plus I made a big one that said "We Survived". For a decoration, we taped up a bunch of pictures chronicling their first year.

pics for blog2

Each of the the birthday kids with their crown...

pics for blog3

Cake is YUMMY!!


Enjoying their birthday presents from Grandma!!!


cheemers said...

fantastic ! The joy and love of your lives just reaches out and warms my heart <3 - Congratulations one and all ! Love, Pam

gwen said...

Contratulations to all of the survivors, and happy birthday to the adorable survivors #1, #2 and #3!! This coming year should be a very eventful one! Survivors was a cute idea for the party!

Season and Isabella said...

So, So, CUTE!! I love it! You guys are amazing! Would love to see you soon! :) xoxo