Sunday, April 4, 2010

Runnin' just as fast as we can...holdin' on to one another's hands

SOOO, Tyler and I had this crazy idea that it would be fun to run a 10k to celebrate our second anniversary...yeah, I know, CRAZY!! For the last 2ish months we have been training for this run. Keep in mind however, that neither one of us are big runners...We started out really easy and have built up to now running over 4 miles non-stop. Our race is April 24, the day before our anniversary. At this point our goal is to finish without passing out, but we'll see how it goes! :)
I have discovered some funky things about running that I didn't know before:
  • You can bruise your toes from running too long/too hard. Experienced that one first hand a couple weeks ago...very painful!
  • Your toenails can fall off! Neither of us have had that happen yet, we've only heard rumors. But I HATE feet, so I am hoping to avoid that one.
  • You are constantly hungry!! Tyler pretty much eats everything that isn't nailed down...but he STILL stays pencil thin...I look at something greasy and I gain 10 pounds, sheesh!! :)
  • Running on treadmills is bearable as long as you have the proper music to keep you pumped. I'm partial to U2, they always keep me going.
Just some random/fun facts for ya! Wish us luck in the race! :)


Britt and Jer said...

That sounds like fun! The toenail thing is true- there is a lady at work that lost her nails last week! But there is a secret to avoiding it- buy your shoes a half size too big. That's what they told us to do at the running store and I haven't had any problems. Good luck on the run!

Season and Isabella said...

Trying not to picture the whole toe nail thing..I SO hate feet too. A little something I learned/picked up from my husband... But anyway- :)
Good luck, that is so cool! You guys are awesome!

Nate and Katie said...

Way to go! Don't try to claim that you don't run... I saw you run every step of the midnight 5k, like 7 years ago. :) That's awesome though, I'm excited to hear about it! PS love the wedding picture, your family is so fun!

Daniel and Lisa said...

Yeah, the toenail thing happened to Dan a few months back at a youth activity. I did NOT enjoy seeing that. blah. Great job with all your running! I'm impressed.