Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Year!

Last Saturday we celebrated a year of marriage. It is surprising that time has passed so fast. This past year a lot of changes have happened. We got married, graduated, got a new job, moved to Colorado, started teaching seminary, a new nephew, and a whole lot fun.

To celebrate Andrea and I headed down to Canon City, CO. Canon City is home to the world's highest suspension bridge. We checked it out and it was amazing! The picture below does not do it justice. It was a bit foggy/overcast while we are there so you can barely see the bridge through the cloud. And down below is the river that goes under it. The overlook that we looked at the bridge from was very pretty and the fence on the cliff is right at the edge. Below is looking down into the canyon. They even have a gondola that will take you across the canyon, Andrea said she would "poop her pants" going across it.
But the real reason for going to Canon City was the train that goes through the canyon. Below is a picture of the train.

It was superbly fancy. We had no idea that we would be riding in such high class. We got to ride in the "Domed Car" with curved windows. The train was very nice and they even served a nice lunch on it. We shared a table with a very nice couple from Florida. My favorite the open cars that let you see it all. We had a great trip.


Erin Glover said...

Sounds like fun. Hope you two are doing well.

Nate and Katie said...

Congratulations! I can't belive it's been a year. That means a year since we've seen each other... sad. Hope your loving Colorado!