Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Sturtevants

Andrea told me I needed to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for a holiday with her family. That's what I get for joining the Sturtevant Zoo.

We traveled to Bandon, OR for Thanksgiving with Andrea's family and we had a great time. We got to meet our new nephew, Miles (Featured below with Aunt SweetBear in his reindeer outfit.)

Andrea's sister also surprised the family by showing up on Thanksgiving morning (They originally told everyone that they wouldn't be able to make it.) So we got to see our cute niece too. (Below Andrea with Hannah, Miles, and Brooke (Miles' mom))

The Thanksgiving giving feast was fantastic thanks to contributions by everyone. We really had a great meal. To work off the calories the Wii was broken out and after 36 years of marriage the gloves came off in Wii boxing between Andrea's parents.

Winner: Andrea's mom. Funny thing is all the men lost to women they boxed against, including me. Andrea knocked me out for the second time in Wii boxing. We had a great time in Oregon with Andrea's family. It was a great holiday. Below is Grandma and Hannah hulawiiing.

My favorite part of it all was the Chocolate. Andrea's sister Tara and her husband Kevin started a chocolate business and they make the best chocolates I have ever had. Check out their website for some Holiday gifts: I seriously suggest the root beer float chocolate. It is incredible!

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