Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween/Birthday

For Andrea's haunted birthday we decided we would go out and have some fun on a Halloween night while we don't have kids to go trick or treating. So we headed out to Elitches Garden, the local amusement park. They do a Frightmares park in October for Halloween. We had a blast riding the rollercoasters and going through their haunted houses. The park was amazing with the Halloween decor that they had going on. I also had a blast riding my first real roller coaster, the Mind Bender. That thing was crazy fun.

Andrea with a swamp thing at Elitches Garden
Andrea made fancy smancy cupcakes for the ward's Trunk or Treat. They turned out really well.
Opening Birthday gifts from her sister.

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Ashley Y said...

Andrea You look super cute in the picture of your cupcakes!! I miss you guys I need to come some time.